At 22 years of age I have owned a local and organic restaurant as well as managed a few kitchens. I started cooking at the age of 6, helping my father in a deli/gourmet store he was running at the time. I’ve always had a strong passion for food which has only grown over the years. As soon as I was able to get a work permit I started working at one of Frank Lloyd Wrights restaurant at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I began as a dishwasher a short two years later I was running the place.

That was the start of my cooking career.Few years later I was given the opportunity to own a restaurant of my own. Instantly I knew I wanted it be local food which worked out flawlessly with the amount of farmers in the area. Not all good things and dreams come to a happy ending though and I ended up losing the restaurant due to mistakes, high rent, trying to get big too fast and lack of money to start with.

Live and learn though that’s the name of the game, it only makes us stronger. I still continue to work in the restaurant industry and it will always be a huge part of my life. I will continue to track my journey and share amazing and creative recipes, tip and techniques for everyday cooking, and of course all the fun gadgets that go along with being in a kitchen. Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy and as always i’m open to criticism.


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